Festival of Land and Climate 2021

Planned project output date: 25.6.2021 – 26.6.2021

One day Festival in Bioclimatic Park will be held in June 2021 like ceremonial and spectacular sum of the project.
Participants in Festival will be small farmers, ecological institutions and land users from Slovakia, Czech republic, Hungary and Poland. The event will be held in the area of Bioclimatic Park. During the event different workshops for the participants will be organised: beekeeping and apitherapy, water retention barriers presentation and old verities orchard extensive management. Every workshop will be held by one moderator and several experts. Workshops will be public. The results of the different stages of the project activities will be presented. The project team and involved partners will present the processes, methods, actual results and future expected results in the process of mitigating climate change. Unique environment of Bioclimatic park Drienova will be used for direct examples good behaviour of people to nature.
During the event local folklore ensemble will present local traditions. Traditional crafters from SK, CZ, HU and SK (bio food and other products) will be invited.
The event will have Visegrad, international, multicultural and ecumenic character – raising awareness on project objectives among various target groups.