Educational ECOprograms for School Kids

A new edition of educational program for school kids was held in Bioclimatic park during summer 2020. ECO Educational Program for school kids is called EXPLORE Bioclimatic park. 255 school kids and 36 teachers from Zilina region visited Bioclimatic Park within the project „Love of land – crucial for climate change in Visegrad countries“ supported by International Visegrad Fund.

The ECO Programs were kicked off in July and continued till the end of August.

„Learning by doing “ is our way how to educate kids in nature. They become beekeepers, farmers, fruit growers, and environment protectors regarding the present most pressing environmental problem of climate change. Bioclimatic Park is the best place for little explorers. The activities are intended to encourage the children to protect their environment following the motto „There is nothing useless in nature“.

which has very good conditions for eco education. Edu program will be prepared with experts from project partners from V4 countries. The topics will be: biodiversity (bees, farming, fruit trees, medicinal herbs), water in land (gardener, protector of environment) soil (farmer), renewable energy (protector of environment).

Počas júla 2020 nás navštívili deti z denných letných táborov z Kamennej Poruby, Višňového, Rajeckých Teplíc a Zborova nad Bystricou. V rámci projektu V4 sme v júli realizovali 6 celodenných EKOprogramov, ktorých sa zúčastnilo 161 žiakov a 18 pedagógov.

Počas augusta 2020 sme privítali deti z letných táborov v Čadci, Rajci a Rajeckých Tepliciach. V auguste sme realizovali 3 celodenné Ekoprogramy, ktorých sa zúčastnilo 96 žiakov a 12 pedagógov.