Education packages and creative competition for schools

At the end of the project „Love for land – crucial to climate change in the Visegrad countries“, we prepared a creative and educational activity for primary school students in two V4 countries – the Czech Republic and Poland. In cooperation with project partners, we selected 4 primary schools.

62 pupils of the Masaryk Primary School in Návsí and 69 pupils of the Primary School for Children with Special Educational Needs from Třinec took part in the activity. In Poland, 2 primary schools in Bielsko Biała took part – 69 pupils from Primary School no. 3 and 65 pupils from Primary school no. 20.

As part of the project, we prepared educational packages for children that also included Bioklimapark worksheets in Czech and Polisch language, which were sent to schools in September at the beginning of the activity. The first task was to prepare worksheets that introduced the children to the Bioclimatic Park and its role through animal inhabitants.

In the second task, students had to paint a selected animal from the Bioclimatic Park in its natural environment, which is not yet affected by climate change. Together with the teachers, they thought about what changes climate change can cause these animals and how they will be able to adapt to them.

The third task was a creative challenge, in which they had to imagine the painted animal as a spelled pillow, design its design and make a paper model of a pillow in the shape of a roller.

At the end, we selected 9 or 10 winning works from each school, which were, as usual, rewarded with spelled pillows. The pictures of winning works and the winners from every school are published in the gallery.

We are very happy that the students of these schools were able to transfer to the Bioclimatic Park, at least through this activity, as the pandemia did not allow us to welcome them in person.

The teachers documented everything and we were also able to look into the creative process. The activity report was also published on the websites of the participating schools.

Elementary school Nr 3 Bielsko Biala, Poland


Elementary school Nr 20 Bielsko Biala, Poland

Maternity, primary and secondary school for children and pupils with special educational needs Třinec, Czech republic

Masaryk Primary school Návsí, Czech republic