Water in lake and surroundings

Ensuring the protection of land from degradation and restoring water sources has been the key issue in Bioclimatic Park since the beginning. Monoculture farming, drought and biodiversity loss was how the  Bioclimatic Park story started in 2014.

However, monoculture agriculture has had significant negative impacts on soil conditions, we found out soon that the water deficiency in summer and floods in spring and autumn  would be the major problems.

We have been discussing, studying, checking, seeking and proposing the solutions for 27 ha area. That’s how the Park Drienova and philosophy of Bioclimatic Park Drienova was born in 2017.

Concerning the natural water retention Michal Kravcik and Pavol Suty were the most important people for the idea. The both always  ready to give advice as well as work hard towards the positive results for small water retention measures softly integrated into the area. In 2018 we can demonstrate the effectivity of the proposed measures – green pastures and biodivesrity increase around the area.

We believe than our resolutions will be achieved in 10 – 20 years (if we hold on) and Bioclimatic Park Drienová will present the best integrated solution for land, water, biodiversity and climate protection.