Lectured tours – Climate is worth more than a gold

As part of the “Climate is worth more than a gold” campaign, we invite the visitors to the Bioclimatic Park to a guided tour of the implemented measures along the DISCOVER educational trail.

What will you learn and see?

Why is it important to protect biodiversity and ecosystem services that are threatened by climate change – you will see apihouse on a tree with beehives, you will walk in an orchard of old varieties, you will learn how it is possible to plant a vineyard in higher areas, and how to grow vines in new climatic conditions, you will walk through the farmyard, where small measures to collect rainwater ensure a pleasant life for the animals.

Why and how to simply use renewable energy to mitigate climate change – you will learn what life is like on a farm without an electricity connection, what energy self-sufficiency is and what energy we use here for different purposes – using solar, wind and biomass.

Simple retention of rainwater where it falls – we will convince you that simple measures can protect us from torrential rains and floods, but also prepare for the dry season and improve local climatic conditions during hot days.

Love for the land and soil is key to climate change – improving the ways in which we currently use the land and soil is “vital” for us if it comes to a healthy environment and food security. You will also learn what we grow and how long the journey of our bread is to the table.

Are you interested in such a tour? If you want to be informed in advance and secure your place, fill out this REGISTRATION FORM or write to us at park.drienova@bioklimapark