Seminars – More heat, less smoke

Ensuring thermal comfort in facilities that provide healthcare and social services in the region is one of the key responsibilities of their administrators. The requirements for thermal comfort in this case are elevated, but achieving it in older buildings is not necessarily straightforward, efficient, or environmentally acceptable.

Today, this topic is highly relevant due to the need for energy security and the necessary renovation and modernization of these facilities. As part of the KLIMA BEST project, in cooperation with the Žilina Self-Governing Region and Žilina University, we organized a professional seminar on September 13, 2023, for the directors of social service facilities within the jurisdiction of the ŽSK.

Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Services in Public Buildings

At the beginning of the seminar, Žilina University provided participants with a general overview of using renewable energy sources (RES) for heating and cooling. Experts from ESCO Slovakia focused on the use of renewable energy sources and energy services in public buildings. The discussion about the need for the renovation of public buildings and their technical systems is insufficient. Navigating through the complexities of legislation, energy certificates, and eligible renovation costs can be challenging and requires the involvement of experts. An interesting innovation is photovoltaics, where ESCO Slovakia offers photovoltaic solutions directly in the customers’ premises, both in the private and public sectors.

Biomass Heat Production and Sales

In most social service facilities, direct fuel purchases such as wood, gas, coal, heating oil, and others are used for heating. Heat from biomass as a service would represent a significant shift in ensuring stable and reliable heat supply for these facilities, along with operational and investment cost savings. Several practical examples based on our company’s long-term experience with heat supply confirmed the timeliness of this service. Biopel, a.s. then takes full responsibility for the operation of the boiler room and heat supply. They refurbish the boiler room at their expense, ensure fuel production, storage, and supply, as well as boiler room operation and qualified servicing.

Guaranteed Energy Service

In this area, there is also the concept of a Guaranteed Energy Service (GES). The company e-DOME a.s. presented this service, primarily based on practical knowledge. The decision to modernize a building through GES involves many steps, for which these facilities should prepare. What are the benefits for the customer, what does the GES schedule look like, what types of contracts exist, and how to prepare for public procurement? These questions were also part of the presentation.

Wood Pellets: Local, Efficient, and Eco-Friendly Fuel for the Region

At the end of the seminar, participants had the opportunity to witness the production of wood pellets, which serves as an example of modern circular economy and sustainable development in the region. Wood waste from the region is transformed into high-quality certified fuel, and its production creates stable jobs, ensuring thermal comfort for individuals relying on healthcare and social services in the same region.