Bioclimatic Park

What is the idea?

Bioclimatic Park was established in 2014 intented to restore 27ha area of  devastated agricultural land – zero level of biodiversity, tired soil and dead dried land. Today, we can say that the life returns slowly …

Bioclimatic Park Drienova is a long-term activity involving great many people. There is a wish to establish such a facility, which will show a harmony between nature and man. The harmony is built on traditions relating to farming and  modern understanding of biodiversity and cultural perception. The wish is to build a small eco-village comprising of farm yard with farm house and craft houses, training centre and renewable energy center of this off-grid area.


The foundation for joy of life is hard work, just as it was for our ancestors. They worked in the field throughout the year in a way that allowed life to flourish inside the soil (worms, beetles, humus, water). The work was followed by provision for the family in the form of food and education. Only after that did the entertainment begin. Carnival, ecumenical meetings, family reunions, children’s games.


The bell tower Ladislav is located in the elevated part of the area and it is made of 100-years-old fir tree trunk decorated in detail and mounted “on the centre of the Earth”, just as Aborigines used to do it. The bell tower shall become the heart of the community, which will wish to stay there for a long time. The bell tower is a symbol of a fixed point, which ties us to present and which is the passing point where the past (Judaism and Christianity) becomes the future, where the energy used in the Park Drieňová is obtained solely from the Sun’s benevolence. The bell Ladislav, which will convene residents and visitors, is dedicated to one passed little boy as a symbol of purity and love.


Thanks to a wide variety of animals and livestock it is possible to observe phenomena such as results of gentle treatment of the nature, usefulness of individual animals, return of indigenous undomesticated animal species and a wide array of crops. Among the animal species in the area you may find hucul pony, Slovak warmbloods, Highland cattle cow, sheep and goats, cameroon sheep, Chinese geese and also common geese and ducks. The explosion of life returning to this area allows foxes, pine martens, weasels, bats, woodpeckers, skylarks, reed warblers, great tits, frogs, salamanders, carabusvariolosus beetles, various butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies and water beetles to live here. There is also a desire for fish to be able to return here, too. Among the plants in the area you may find a number of medicinal herbs and really abundant grazing and bee pastures.