Opening conference

The Opening Conference of the project was held on 27-28 April 2022 in Banska Bystrica and in Bioclimatic park Drienova. The participants were informed about the project objectives and activities as well as about the project funding and billateral partnership. The project partners from Norway International Development Norway a Energigården – Senter for bioenergi participated to share their experience on climate change adaptation and mitigation practical solutions and awareness for Slovakia.

During the second day on 28. April 2022 the project partners as well as the experts visited the Bioclimatic park Drienova . We were privileged to invite Mr. Terje Theodor Nervik – the Ambassador of Norway in Slovakia and Mrs. Eva Gasperanova from his office in Bratislava. The program opeartor – The Ministry of environment of SR was represented by Mr. Denis Knotka and Mrs. Henrieta Somogyi.

The program was kicked off in Info KLIMA Point in Rajec by the welcome speech of Mr. Ladislav Zidek, director of the Civic Association Ecoenergy followed by the speech of his Excellency Ambassador who mentioned the support through the Norway Grants for the project aimed at environment protection and climate in Slovakia. The guests were invited to Bioclimatic park Drienova and we were pleased to present the idea of Bioclimatic park as well as the CLIMA BEST project that will be implemented during the following two years there. On -field presentation was led by Mr. Michal Kravcik who designed the water retention measures for the area and explained the importance of such measures for preventing the extreme weather events of biodiversity restoration. The guests were impressed by recently installed wind turbine for water pumping or “lake on the hill” realized under the CLIMA BEST project. The event was closed by tasty “family” lunch prepared from the products produced in Bioclimatic park Drienova and shifted the dicsussions on new project to the right direction.