Solar tours – Renewables for life

Visit our Info CLIMA center in Rajec! It is the start point of the Solar Tours to the Bioclimatic Park Drienová. The activity is aimed at practical demonstrations of the use of renewable energy in everyday life and participants will ride electric bikes to Bioclimatic park.

What will you learn and see? What is the impact of transport on climate change? In 2019, transport alone emitted 23 percent of global CO2 production into the air. Transport should move away from fossil fuels as soon as possible and switch to a more energy-efficient drive. Electromobility charged from renewable energy sources will also play an important role in this, such as our electric bicycles that will “take” you to the Bioclimatic Park as part of the Solar Ride.

Why and how to simply use renewable energy to mitigate climate change? You will practically see what life is like on a farm without an electricity connection, what energy self-sufficiency is and what energy we use in the Bioclimatic Park for various purposes – using solar, wind energy and biomass.

What are the goals of Slovakia and the European Union to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050? We clearly need to invest in new technologies, use renewable energy sources, reduce energy consumption, build energy-efficient homes, prefer modern clean industry, use ecological means of transport, etc. That is why we need active citizens today more than ever. Individual changes in life are very important, but what we urgently need today is responsible governance that reflects climate change and has it as a supra-departmental priority.

If you want to participate in the Solar Tour, fill out, for example, this REGISTRATION FORM or contact the activity coordinator.

The coordinator of the activity is Ivana Huljak

CONTACT:, tel. 0911 131 711