Festival of Land and Climate 2022

The Festival of Land and Climate – CLIMAFEST took place on June 25, 2022 in the Bioclimatic Park Drienova.

The festival started with a welcome at the bell tower where the CLIMA BEST project was presented to the public, representatives of public administration, land users and small farmers from local communities. The program continued with an international ecumenical meeting during which the speakers focused on the main theme of this year’s festival, which was WATER FOR CLIMATE. The participants were able to convince themselves that the retention of rainwater and the restoration of biodiversity is what our country needs very much in the time of the advancing climate crisis!

During the event, a joint lunch in nature was prepared for the participants of the event, interesting topics for discussions and the atmosphere was made pleasant by the folk ensemble Studničky from Rajec.

The project partner – the Slovak Environmental Agency addressed visitors throughout the day with a presentation stand focusing on the causes and effects of climate change. They also impressed the children’s visitors, who learned in a playful way what climate change is.

We especially welcomed participants from local communities and the surrounding area, but also from Český Tešín, Bratislava or Skalica. We were especially pleased with the participation of Ms. Zuzana Mulkerin from New Jersey, who represents the organization Voices of Water in Slovakia and the USA, and thanks to her, the article “Every drop counts” was published on the UN website.

Throughout the day, we guided the visitors around the Bioclimatic Park and presented the system of water retention measures. Visitors could thus observe the explosion of life, meet many inspiring people, have the opportunity to reflect on the spiritual message, learn together with children, learn about local self-sufficiency, discuss climate change with experts, share their experiences…

We are looking forward to the Climafest in 2023!