Less cars, more life

As part of the CLIMA BEST project, the premises of the project’s partner – the Slovak Environmental Agency in Banská Bystrica will be renovated.

The headquarters of the agency is located in a busy part of the city, it is located between the buildings of several administrative organizations and secondary schools, which are passed by employees, students and residents of the city every day.

The goal of the activity is to change this corridor to a place with a lower concentration of cars and, on the contrary, with a higher diversity of life, biodiversity. By implementing individual measures, we want to point out concrete examples of how we can mitigate and adapt to climate change in everyday life, and thus increase public awareness of this topic. From a practical point of view, a bicycle shelter with a green roof and solar charging, a container for surface rainwater collection, habitats and watering holes for insects and birds, and a biodiverse meadow with flowering species of native plants will be added to the agency’s premises. These measures will be supplemented by information events and promotional and educational materials. All proposed campaign activities will be marked and implemented under the common motto Less cars, more life, so that they are easily identifiable.