Festival of Land and Climate

On Saturday 24 June 2023, the Bioclimatic park Drienova once again hosted the Landscape and Climate Festival.

Our aim during the event is to inspire visitors from the general public, local communities, local governments and each other. During the ecumenical meeting, visitors heard messages about a common path towards a more decent and humane society that respects the Earth’s gifts.

This year, however, in addition to demonstrations of climate recovery measures within the park area, visitors were also able to stop by demonstrations and presentations focused on clean and green heating. This area of climate, air and human health protection in Slovakia needs much more intensive promotion and support. Households are the biggest air polluters in Slovakia. It is domestic heating that accounts for the largest share of carbon monoxide emissions (57 %) and is also the largest source of coarse and fine dust particles in the air (60-80 %).

The KLIMA BEST project partners were also invited to the festival. Erik Eid Hohle from Energigarden in Norway brought us an interesting demonstration. Visitors saw the production of heat and electricity from biomass on a modern bio-cooker, which is used to prepare food and charge a light or a mobile phone. Such cookers have also been distributed from Norway to people in need and without electricity in war-torn Ukraine. The Slovak Environmental Agency also presented its activities in the field of efficient heating and prepared activities for children’s visitors.

We met together for lunch in the countryside and discussed measures we can take to help protect the climate. The atmosphere was made more pleasant by the folk ensemble Studničky from Rajec.

Thank you for your visit!

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