How to Stop Land Desertification

In April, friends of water gathered at the Bioclimatic Park for informal discussions, seeking answers and solutions for sustainable water and soil management.

The meetings were attended by the authors of the New Water Paradigm, representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Slovakia, with State Secretary Martin Kováč, and representatives from various non-profit and private organizations. We were once again visited by Ms. Zuzana Mulkerin from the USA, representing the Voices of Water organization.

The discussions primarily revolved around the crucial connection between water, energy, and soil – for the sustainability of our planet and ensuring a prosperous life for future generations. These three elements are closely intertwined and interrelated because water is a fundamental element for all forms of life on Earth, and its availability also impacts food production and energy generation.

It is in the soil that the solution to desertification and climate change is concealed. Achieving this solution requires a fundamental shift in our perspective on land use, whether it be by farmers, foresters, gardeners, developers, or local authorities. The objective should be the longest and most intensive retention of water in the landscape. The government can play a significant role in this, as can each and every one of us.

The topic of the meeting also included an evaluation of the UN “UN 2023 Water Conference,” in which a Slovak delegation, including Martin Kováč and Michal Kravčík, participated. During the conference, these gentlemen presented an expert document, the White Paper (“Water for Climate Healing – A New Water Paradigm White Paper”), currently available in English. This paper provides information on the functioning of the water cycle and offers expert recommendations on how to restore the water cycle by renewing small water cycles on continents. One of the practical examples in the document is the Bioclimatic Park Drienová.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Slovakia is also preparing a new motivational tool for farmers to enhance their soil’s ability to retain water and capture carbon.

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