2019 challenges

Adaptation measures – water and climate

Civic Association Ecoenergy has been managing Bioclimatic Park Drienová (20 ha of land) since April 2018. It is not our priority to farm for income but for nature friendly  land revitalisation.   Long term focus is to create demonstration area for climate change adaptation measures. Five years ago the area was destroyed. Unhealty soil  produced a minimal crop, and all the water that fell drove away very quickly.

Kamerun sheep

Anyone who farms hens or rabbits knows that he has to take care of them daily. Every morning, regardless of the weather, animals need to be opened, fed, checked, given water, hay, grain, scrap, broken beet and other supplements. It is necessary to check increments (write-offs), write everything in the records. Especially in winter it is necessary to take care of the cats and the dog, because only then can I perform my tasks. In the spring, other work increases in the field, later hay, grain, potatoes, mandibles, road repair, water control, many and many other works. This is mainly done by retirees, but some of us can help younger ones. Anyone who comes up with the offer of the help is welcome. Some are also in charge of horseback riding or their care. We are not yet equipped for a ride-on service for visitors.

We have launched a series of seminars for children, youth, adults and even disabled, persecuted and retired. Our strategy is that we try to involve the participants in the process to understand why, for example, important and how to retain water in nature. Why and how we manufacture and use energy only from renewable sources (sun, wind, waste wood from broken trees). We try to show children everything else to understand. We consider this practical lesson the only way we want to get people to understand the immense importance of coping with climate change. We cooperate with many people and many mainly non-profit organizations, because Slovakia is also in a desperate situation in this area. There is absolutely no state support for environmental activities here. For whom there is no money, people do not even care.

Certainly, many of you are looking forward to the ecumenical meeting on 29.6.2019. This year we are preparing a very nice surprise and, naturally, everyone who wants to help, is welcomed.

Last but not least, we are constantly thinking about how to finance these various activities. We try to persuade people to help us in making money, and small contributions are very necessary. We try to apply for support programs, but we do not succeed but we believe that something will work. Activities in Biolimatic Park exist mainly because of the huge amount of unpaid work, especially for retirees. We are talking about land and animal subsidies, but it is not enough for machine work or salt for animals. In the case of a larger grant, we will need to intensify this co-financing to co-finance.

3_OBJAVUJ_gazdovsky dvor
Farm yard

We would therefore like you to donate us at least 2% of your paid tax to support meaningful activities.

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